Yuan Xiao (元筱) is the third vocalist for the Sharpkey engine.


On July 19, 2017, a debut video for her was released. The second demo was released August 4th and the third on the 24th.

Similar to Huan Xiao Yi it appears Yuan Xiao was not an established character before her release, unlike Kiana, her predecessor.



Her name has no translatable meaning.


She is focused around the colors red and white, with yellow trim. She is wearing a red and white dress-like piece of clothing around her torso, with white tights that come up to her mid-thigh. She has small pieces of fabric jutting off of her waist, connected with black ornaments. She wears white shoulder-gloves and has a red bowtie. She has golden colored hair which goes to her elbows and has an ahoge, and wears red and black cat-ear headphones.

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与你同在 bilibili
一个你 bilibili
雨天的未完待续【PV付】 bilibili

Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
Basic details
Yuan Xiao is the third Sharpkey bank released. Shehas a powerful "nasal" tone, thus giving her a more strong and strained vocal type.
Language as noted:
  • She was recorded to sing in Chinese.
  • Her voicebank has four pitches, which are made to sing in pop.
Software issues as noted:
  • Sometimes Yuan Xiao is overly powerful as well as unrealistic due to a "twang" in the voice.
Voicebank sample
Yuan Xiao

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  • Her name was obtained via a contest entry.


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